Renovated cycling and hiking trails on Murter


On the newly renovated bicycle and hiking trails on Murter, for tourists looking for active tourism, will open new spectacular views of Murter and the surrounding islands.

The track "Bodulska prica" is 28 km long and is , with the corresponding signaling, around the entire island of Murter. The layout of the track is part of the CiklOtok project.

The project refers to the development of bicycle infrastructure in the area of Murter-Kornati municipality. The project includes the following elements: restoration of existing ones and arrangement of new bicycle paths, tracing of trails, setting of traffic signalization, production of tourist and digital maps. The project is carried out in cooperation with TZO Murter-Kornati and TZ-Šibenik-Knin County. Naturally, the bicycle paths will be aligned and connected with the tracks of neighboring municipalities and the entire County.

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